Episode #008

  • Russian-Ukrainian War
  • Vlad’s High Yellow Belt Promotion
  • First picnic of 2014 in Blue Lake Park
  • Hockey: Portland WinterHawks’ winning streak
  • NFL Super Bowl XLVIII — Go, Seattle Seahawks!
  • Pacific Ocean in January
  • What is it like to be a Glasshole?
  • Olympic Games in Sochi
  • First Solo is coming soon — and how to avoid mid air collisions
  • We’re going to London, ON!
  • My brother comes to Portland, OR!
  • Am I going to NY?
  • First American tax return
  • Mortgage in progress. What a mess!
  • Should you love your job or not?

Episode #008
Evergreen Podcast

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Episode #002

  • Hiking: Trillium Lake, Mirror Lake, Lacamas Lake on a boat, Ape Cave, Trail of Two Forests, Lower Falls Creek trail, Dege Peak Trail
  • Camping: La Wis Wis Campground, Cougar Rock, Ohanapecosh, Mount Rainier, Paradise, Nisqually Vista
  • Nature: Oregon Zoo, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden
  • Fun: сельская ярамарка!
  • 2 слова о платной медицине
  • Письма из Конгресса
  • Google Nexus 4 vs HTC One: три недели на Android
  • Up by Jawbone vs Fitbit
  • Chromecast vs Apple TV
  • Code School, Codecademy, Tuts+, Lumosity
  • Звонят клиенты, говорят по-китайски: Сhineasy и прочий Kickstarter (“Wish I Was Here” и “Ghost“) c Indiegogo (“Kreyos“)
  • Клиенты и службы поддержки: все всегда можно вернуть и получить назад деньги без всяких разговоров

Episode #002
Evergreen Podcast

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